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Waterken Server

Asynchronous messaging between event loops, such as used in AJAX, is a great model for building distributed applications. The asynchronous messaging allows an application to remain responsive in the face of network latency and event loops allow multiple activities to be pursued, without many of the dangers inherent in multi-threading. This computing model is made even better with the addition of promises, a kind of reference that can refer to the result of future computation, such as the response to an asynchronous message. For example, promises make it a lot easier to express an algorithm that sends additional asynchronous messages depending on the results of past messages. The Waterken server provides a platform for building such applications in Java and making them accessible to HTTP-based clients.


Aranea Web Framework

Aranea is an Open-Source Java MVC Web Framework that provides a common Object-Oriented approach to building the web applications, reusing GUI logic and extending the framework. It comes with out-of-the-box support for nested flows and database-backed query browsing. Additionally it serves as an integration platform, allowing free intermingling of arbitrary frameworks, components and applications.



InfoGrid is a Web Graph Database with a many additional software components that make the development of REST-ful web applications on a graph foundation easy.



Waffle is a Java web framework that makes the process of developing Java based web applications easier. It was built to support enterprise level web-based business applications, but with the least possible number of source lines to achieve that.

Waffle is different from the multitude of web frameworks that exist today, in that Waffle:

  • has no mandatory XML configuration files (beyond a minimalist web.xml required by any J2EE-compliant webapp)
  • is interoperable with best-of-breed UI templating technologies
  • does not have a base controller class to extend or interface to implement
  • has controller classes that can support multiple actions, each a single method rather than a sequence of initialiation/settter/execute methods
  • has a small learning curve


Chenille Kit

Chenille Kit is a collection of modules with sophisticated components, services and utils based on Tapestry's IOC but NOT only for Tapestry Framework based servlet applications.



Sitebricks is a simple set of libraries for web applications. Sitebricks focuses on early error detection, low-footprint code, and fast development. Powered by Guice, it also balances idiomatic Java with an emphasis on concise code.


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